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Field Experience

At Oxford College we believe that supervised field experiences are at the heart of our teacher education programs. Organizing enriching experiences and engaging with real-life scenarios is the best way to prepare teachers for today’s demanding environments. Field observation in institutional contexts and supervised classroom experiences give a clear edge to the beginning teacher.

Individualized Curriculum

At Oxford College we believe that every teacher candidate is a unique individual and needs opportunities to both develop and express their individual talents and teacher identity. Each teacher has their own strengths and unique voice which has the potential to touch the lives of the students that they teach. Our teacher education curriculum strives to keep the individual in mind. Skill development Diverse learning opportunities focus on developing the practical skills and the multiple facets of teachers personality. Co-curricular activities are given as much importance as curricular activities, contributing to skill development. Students are given opportunities to develop generic life skills as well as hone specific skills related to their professional practice as teachers.

Lush Green Campus

A day at Oxford College is an entirely different experience altogether. The college is in the lap of nature. The picturesque site and blossoming green environment makes the campus free from pollution.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

Learning process apart from choosing from a variety of subjects based on aptitudes, the teaching- learning process is so designed to inculcate critical skills. The curriculum is more need oriented which involves lot of activities rather than the same monotonous lecture method as the method of giving instruction, studies is fun rather than the age old tedious job for students.

Students Excursion Trips

An annual excursion is organized for students for every academic session. Further, the college organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Travel expands your horizons and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. These trips are tailor made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world. A host of activities are undertaken as a part of trips which act as a catalyst to think out of the box and broaden the outlook. The college discreetly organizes educational trips to strategically and historically important places and facilitates for students to reach out for information beyond the text books. These trips are meticulously planned to add fun and enthusiasm during vacation period. These trips also extend a much needed break from the hectic daily schedule and an opportunity for the facilitators and learners to bond with each other.

Numerous Collections of Books and Journals

A Library plays a vital role in the search of knowledge. It serves as the workshop for the entire college – students and faculty alike. Oxford College Library aims to support the teaching learning activity in the college and also provide the students updated knowledge and to ensure the optimum utilization of the available resources. The Library occupies about 1934 sq. ft. and can accommodate about 50 students at a time. The library is provided with proper ventilation, lightning & fans.

Bus Safety and Security

At Oxford College safety of students is our utmost concern. We offer optional bus facility to students. Our transportation team ensures safety through routine and detailed checks on bus, verified drivers, background checks etc. Cameras are installed in bus. Attendance of students is mandatory in bus also.