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With the demands of a more holistic and experiential type of education increasing, Oxford College provides the right tools and environment to facilitate development that would aid the same. An academic curriculum that is vast, stimulating and up to date is key to keep up with the contemporary styles of teaching and learning. Oxford College provides precisely that and more for prospective teachers.

Training for contemporary methods of teaching requires an academic curriculum that is extensive, intellectually stimulating and up to date. Oxford College prepares the teachers of tomorrow with a programme that is both challenging and nourishing, providing them with sufficient tools to teach the citizens of tomorrow.

Oxford College provides the most researched, contemporary and extensive academic curriculum for any prospective teachers. Oxford College prides itself as a place that provides a stimulating environment and adequate tools that aid in helping its students reach the mark, where they can use the same tools to teach the citizens of tomorrow.


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College Campus

Oxford College of education is located in serene, tranquil and pollution free environment at Farrukh Nagar, Gurgaon.

Oxford College of Education possess an efficient infrastructure which includes spacious and well lit classrooms, Science laboratories and a language lab, library, computer room, recreation room, auditorium, and a spacious ground, hostel for Boys & Girls, conveniently located in the college campus. College has 24hrs Broadband internet facility.

College Campus


Oxford College of Education has spacious centrally AC, well-furnished hostels with boarding & lodging facilities. Hostel is so designed that it ensures privacy & homely atmosphere on one hand and promotes community living and fraternity on the other. There are fully furnished double & triple seated rooms with separate portions for each student for comfortable living. The hostel mess provides special diets to the students on each Sunday and on special occasions

  • Hostel has been provided with round the clock security system. It also has 100% power back-up & RO System
  • Air-cooled separate girls & boys hostel with beds & curtains in spacious & airy room on 15 acre lush green campus.
  • Wi-fi campus.


College has a Library with a floor area of 409.5 sq mts and seating capacity of more than 60 students. Our library has about 5,000 books, journals and reference books. Regular subscription of –

  • National Journals
  • International Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Resource Centres


ICT Resource Center


Social Science Resource Center


Arts and Craft Resource Center


Psychlogy Resource Center

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